Frequently Asked Questions About Sex

Among the area of problems or conflicts in a marriage relationship, the sex life has been of great concern for most couples. There are many agitations in the minds of many lovers. That’s what gave birth to the following frequently asked questions about sex.

These cut through all levels of marriage, most especially for the newly-wedded couples. The right answers to these questions we solve many problems associated with romance and sex in any relationship.

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1.    For the past 8 years, my wife wouldn’t let me caress her breasts. What is the problem with her?

The issue of a lack of physical intimacy is an issue that is often misunderstood. In the case of my wife, it seems that for the past 8 years, she has not allowed me to caress her breasts. This could be due to a variety of underlying issues, such as a fear of intimacy, a lack of trust, a fear of being judged or a lack of physical attraction.

It could even be rooted in a traumatic experience. It is essential to understand the root of the problem in order to reach a resolution. Effective communication is paramount in order to develop understanding, but professional help may be necessary to reach a resolution. Seeking professional help can provide a safe and non-judgmental environment to explore the underlying issues, and to create a plan to move forward.

2.    My wife’s vaginal lubrication is too much; this often gives some irritating hissing sound while thrusting. Besides, her vagina does not retain sperm. What can be done?

3.    My husband wants us to have sex anywhere – in the kitchen, the bathroom, on the floor of the sitting room, etc. Should I give in? I think he is being unreasonable.

Everything is fair in war & love within the comfort of lovers comfort & privacy.

Everything is fair in war & love within the comfort of lovers comfort & privacy.

4.    My wife wants us to put off the light, but I want it on. Who is wrong – me or her?

She wants more privacy or perhaps she’s envy about her shape and look. Make her feel look good naked and ensure that there are no popping toms around your bedroom!

5.    Please, my husband believes that we can kiss any parts of our bodies, be it the penis, the nipples, the clitoris, even the anus etc. It sounds disgusting! Is he sensible at all?

There is no boundary for deep intimacy and high passion. Don’t you know the old saying “everything is fair in war & love”

Human body emits a chemical called Pheromones which attracts opposite sex. So, there is nothing called good smell or bad odor, just maintain good hygiene for health reason. Smell sensitivity may vary from person to person.

6.    My husband wants sex every day, though once per day. I enjoy sex twice in a week. Is he alright?

For men sex is directly linked to his physical and mental fitness. Young men wants sex daily due high level of fitness and sexual drive, so he’s normal. The only issue is that he’s insensitive towards you.

7.    When I suggest some other sex techniques and positions, my partner objects to it. I like varieties. What can I do?

Explain her 101 health benefit of trying various positions

8.    My husband wants two or more rounds of sex in a single episode, but I never feel like it after the first round. How can I please my husband?

Sometimes it happens due to high testosterone in men.

9.    My husband does not wait for me to be sexually aroused before entrance. He leaves me totally starved! Could you please help me to counsel him on my sexual needs?

Some men simply don’t know what women want. They don’t realize the difference between emotional intimacy and physical desire of women.

10.    My partner keeps dumb and still during sex. She does not show emotions or any pleasurable movements. I want us to verbally express the sexual excitement using jokes, teases, grunts, and so on. What is wrong? Is she frigid?

Everything is fair in war & love!

11.    I was in his office on a certain day and he asked for sex; I felt embarrassed and refused his advances since the environment looked odd to me, and he became dejected. What should have been my reaction?

12.    My partner wants sex when I do not feel in the mood. For instance, when I’m tired, he may be ready for sex. How can we reconcile the conflicts in our moods at such times?

Generally, it is the “little things” on sex that often lead to differences among couples as you could see from the frequently asked questions about sex. What would you advise in any of the case?