No one is talking about Phentaslim Side Effects?

After taking Phentaslim you can lose tons of weight by peeing and shitting all day like crazy. Perhaps, it is good idea to use adult diaper!

I have to be completely honest when I review Phentaslim and just say that this does not work at all. Worse than not working is the fact that it actually made me feel sick while I was taking it for a long time.

I saw an advertisement that said the pills could help me lose ten pounds in ten days. I’m not a gullible person, but I saw some of the science behind the pill and thought that it at least looked like something that might be useful.

I was totally wrong. I spoke to a few of my friends about the pills, but they didn’t have anything really good to say about them either. One warned me that it was a waste of my money because they had already tried it beforehand. I expected as much, but I wanted to give Phentaslim a try just like every other weight loss product on the market. Some of them really do work well, but this is definitely not it.

When I first got the pills I was living a pretty healthy lifestyle. I am not actually that fat, but I am getting older so I thought it would be better to get some of the fat around my waste removed. I started taking the pills for the first week and I didn’t really see much improvement at all. I didn’t really expect anything in the first week, so I continued to the second week using Phentaslim.

Are all those reviews real?

You will not see any real reviews online by searching on Google. What you’ll see mostly is fake reviews of competitors pushing their own product. For your convenience I have listed 4 legitimate reviews below.

In the second week I started to really feel the effects, but not the ones that they claimed. In ten days I most certainly did not lose ten pounds and I actually don’t think I even lost more than two over the time I took it. I really was surprised that they could continue advertising the way that they were because it was not true at all.

The worst part

The worst part about Phentoslim is that I started to feel sick after the first week of taking the pills. My stomach started to hurt a little bit and I got some pretty intense headaches from the pills. At first, I did not think that the Phentaslim was to blame, but after a month of taking the pills I started to wonder.

I only realized that it was the Phentislim making me feel strange when I quit. I waited for almost two months to see if I could lose any weight, but I didn’t see any significant losses at all. It is a good thing that I quit taking the Phentaslim because I would have never known what was causing me to have the pain in my head and stomach.

Overall, I would not recommend taking Phentaslim at all. I am probably a smaller isolated case of getting headaches and stomach aches, but it really isn’t worth it to try and lose weight with something that is potentially bad for your health. If you are going to take something, go with another product.