Military Diet Plan

Based on high protein, low fat and enough complex carbs to fuel the body when doing the exercises, this diet is very stringent and will guarantee weight loss if you follow it stricltly. By eating 5-6 meals a day, the goal of this diet is to keep your body’s metabolism on high gear so that it keeps burning calories. As it continually burns, your food intake has little chance of turning into fat. Instead, it turns into energy which you burn when you exercise.

You are advised not to skip meals because doing so will slow your metabolism down, thus bringing down your energy levels and making you feel lethargic. An easy way to stay on the diet is to check all labels closely and make sure to keep the fat content in the foods you buy to an extreme minimum about 50 grams or lower, less fat; the better. Aside from losing weight, the goal of this diet is to train yourself to eat good, healthy food and to refrain from all junk food, fast food and sugary foods that you have gotten used to.

After losing weight on the military diet, maintaining your new body will be easier because you have weaned yourself from the sugary sweets, the fast-food and the junk food. You will be able to stay trim and fit longer as long as you keep in mind to never allow yourself to backslide to the “evil” foods.

Blurred Vision Headache May Be A Sure Sign Of Danger!

Blurred vision headache is a serious situation and should take you to the doctor immediately. The causes for blurred vision can not be identified in isolation.
Blurred vision during headache indicates that there is something very serious about the functioning of the related blood vessels. Here, the headache is to be treated as the cause of some other disease. The worst part is, such headache will strike you at the most unsuspected moment.

Take for example, the after exercise headache. When you exercise in heat you experience difficulty in breathing along with symptoms of dizziness and headache. You are unable to see what is before you. This clearly reflects that a heatstroke is in the offing.

Dumbell vs Barbell For Sixpack

In case of a tumor, the headache first appears and gradually develops, and when you exercise the condition worsens. In such conditions, blurred vision is certain to follow, with unsteadiness or weakness. You must be quick enough to understand the seriousness of such situations. So, headache with blurred vision is a sure sign of danger!

Well, even if your headache results in blurred vision on a small scale, you must allow your doctor to investigate the matter further. Don’t be your own judge and corner stage the over the counter medications. By taking over the counter medications you are only complicating the matters.

To sum up, your blurred vision headache could be a life threatening problem. You might have brought yourself to this position by habitual consumption of anti-depressants. The side effects associated with such types of drugs, usually baffle explanation.

The particular side effect of the day could result in the changed condition the next day. Sometimes, the treatment for the side effect disease could be more complicating than the original disease.

The best line of treatment for blurred vision headache paves on the basis of your case history. Even if it is the first time headache, your physician alone is the best judge.